Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

From father to son, the 12th generation

Published: December 23, 2022 | Author: Tamara Gouda

Innovation, adventure & creating beautiful products together.

These are the values that have guided Mark Mathijssen throughout his 30-year tenure at MHB. As the founder and former CEO of the company, Mark has seen MHB grow from a family business in the Betuwe region of the Netherlands to a global leader in the steel window and door industry.

“For me, MHB means going on an adventure, innovating and making beautiful products together. At a young age I knew that I would one day take over the company together with my cousin Remko Mathijssen. My deepest wish was to make a diamond in the Betuwe. Where everyone supports each other, enjoys work in an environment where you enjoy being. In short; where you make beautiful things together. And that we now supply the most beautiful windows and doors all over the world, I never would have thought in my wildest dreams. I look back on that with great pleasure.”

With his background in architecture, engineering, and innovative manufacturing, Mark has been instrumental in developing and promoting MHB’s patented profile systems, such as the SL30® and SL30-ISO®. These products have helped MHB earn a reputation for innovation and quality, and they have been recognized by leading architects and industry experts around the world.

Exporting worldwide

“A good period which I remember fondly is the start of our export processes. An important step in this was to present our patented profile systems at construction fairs. For example, in 2010 we were at an international construction fair for the first time, at the BAU, the international construction fair, in Munich. Later we heard that great architects from the US had announced that our profile systems were the only real new innovations of the entire construction fair! For us, as MHB, a family business from Herveld, that was a nice compliment to receive. Traveling has inspired me. With the ideas that emerged from this, in combination with the advice of the board, which ensured that we as a company took the middle ground, I can say that we as MHB have achieved great things that we can be proud of.”

Mark’s passion for innovation and adventure has also inspired a unique culture at MHB, where employees are encouraged to think outside the box and work together to create beautiful products. This culture of collaboration and creativity has helped MHB grow and thrive, and it continues to be a key part of the company’s success.

Continuity of MHB

The experience Mark has built up over these many years is invaluable to MHB and the continuity of the company. That is why Mark will continue to be part of the board of MHB and will provide advice and guidance where necessary. It is now up to Simon Mathijssen and his team to continue the long tradition of innovation, craftsmanship and high quality.

As Mark hands over the reins of MHB to his son Simon, the 12th generation of the Mathijssen family to lead the company, he looks back on his time at MHB with pride and gratitude. “It has been a great adventure, and I feel like my wish has come true,” Mark says. “I will miss the camaraderie and the joy of working together, but I know that Simon and the team at MHB will continue to innovate and create beautiful products for many years to come.”

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