Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Finest materials

For more than 350 years, MHB has been dedicated to mastering the art of working with steel. As a family-owned company, we have passed down our knowledge and expertise from generation to generation, constantly exploring new ways to unlock the potential of this durable building material. At MHB, we believe in the power of solid steel, and we use only the finest materials in our products to ensure their strength, durability, and beauty. Our solid steel profile systems are unmatched in their strength and slenderness, and they offer architects unrivaled design freedom. By working exclusively with solid steel and precious metals, we are able to create products that are truly one of a kind. With MHB, you can trust in the unmatched quality and performance of solid steel.


Thermally broken solid steel:

In 2005, MHB revolutionized the steel window and door industry with the introduction of our solid steel profile systems. These systems are characterized by ultra-slim sightlines and excellent insulation properties. Solid steel offers unparalleled strength and durability, ideal for creating beautiful, long-lasting structures. With our superior surface treatment, our products require minimal maintenance and are available in a wide range of colors.



MHB solid steel
MHB Brushed STST

Brushed stainless steel:

Brushed stainless steel receives a special treatment from our Steel Masters. By applying different sanding and polishing techniques, the stainless steel receives an exceptional brushed look. Brushed stainless steel has become increasingly popular in both interior and exterior architectural applications because of its corrosion resistance, appearance and durability.


Color coated steel

Having a high-quality surface treatment is essential for ensuring the long lifespan of steel products. Powder coating is the best way to protect and preserve steel. Of all the available treatments, powder coating provides the thickest protective layer, allowing our products to last for more than 100 years with minimal maintenance.

All of our steel doors and windows are powder coated in our certified in-house facilities, where we can closely monitor the quality of the entire process. We are one of only a few companies worldwide to have achieved Qualisteelcoat C5 certification, the highest standard for steel surface treatment. We are able to apply any RAL color, as well as unique coloring effects, to our products.


Colour coated Stainless steel




Precious metals

At MHB, we offer an exclusive line of pure and solid materials that have previously only been used in the construction of super yachts, luxury interiors, and museums such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi. These exclusive materials can help architects achieve a superior aesthetic and provide designers with a wide range of options. By combining the strength of solid steel with actual metals such as bronze, we are able to create exceptional and extremely durable facades.

Our extensive craftsmanship ensures that every window, door, and facade made with these exotic metals is unique. The use of solid steel and precious metals allows us to create products that are not only beautiful, but also incredibly durable.



Bronze has been used in door cladding since ancient Roman times. Made from natural materials, it patinates and darkens over time, giving each frame a unique character. MHB’s bronze combines stability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal to create a feeling of luxury and prestige for any building. Its first-class appeal only improves with time, making it the perfect choice for discerning architects and designers.



MHB DarkBrons


Tin, one of the earliest metals discovered, was originally used to make bronze. By the 600s, it was also being used in its pure form. Tin is a silver-gray metal that darkens over time, giving buildings a timeless charm. At MHB, we use pure tin to create beautiful, long-lasting products that add character and elegance to any space.





Manganese has been used since prehistoric times and is a unique metal that is virtually irreplaceable. At MHB, we use manganese to create products that have a uniform shade and a light undertone, giving buildings an authentic, intense color experience. Whether you want to add character to an existing structure or create a truly one-of-a-kind building, our manganese products are the perfect choice.



MHB Manga
MHB Brass


Brass strikes a perfect balance between the cool hue of zinc and the warmth of copper, making it a highly malleable material that is well suited for decorative metal work. Architectural projects using brass begin with a warm, golden tone that mellows and deepens over time, giving it intense character and depth. MHB brass creates beautiful, elegant, and durable products that are perfect for a wide range of architectural needs.