Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667


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Overview of the headquarters of MHB3
Origin story of MHB the company in 1920 at the residence and workshop
Deed from 1667 MHB ancestor
Craftsman welder from MHB in the 1930s

Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667


In the year 1667, Mathijs Henricx started paving the way for the company as a master blacksmith in the centrally located Dutch village of Herveld. For more than 350 years, the age-old craft of steel mastery has been passed on from father to son. After all these centuries, we are still proudly headquartered in Herveld. We now work with partners from all over the world.


Drive to innovate

Over the centuries, we developed a strong drive for innovation, using centuries of experience to remain focused on pioneering in the steel industry.


MHB: Mathijssen Herveld Betuwe
Workshop of MHB in the 1930s with several profile systemss

From then to the present

In 2003, MHB revolutionized the steel door and window industry by introducing a groundbreaking thermally broken steel profile system crafted from solid steel. This remarkable innovation brought forth an entirely fresh aesthetic and experience to steel windows and doors. The result was a pure, strong, long-lasting, and ultra-slim design.


3d front view render of the coating of SL30-ISO profile systems


MHB started creating the solid steel systems for fire resistant doors and screens, which resulted in a fire rating of up to 2 hours of fire resistance. All whilst keeping the ultra-slim 1 3⁄16″ width of the profiles.


In 2007 MHB was the first on the worldwide market to introduce thermally broken solid steel external windows and doors, with the same principles of purity, strength and durability. The patented SL30-ISO® profile system was born, with the special insulator as the main feature. It has allowed MHB to lead the revolutionary reintroduction of steel as integral part of the most beautiful buildings worldwide.


Today, MHB consists of over 200 professionals who exclusively focus on steel. The combination of ongoing development and deeply rooted craftsmanship enables MHB to create important innovations with renowned aesthetic beauty.

More light

As a family company, MHB is committed to a long-term vision for all parties involved. Our mission is of paramount importance to us: “More Light.”


A summer bbq festival for MHB employees with the MHB van


Our mission: “More Light” comes from the heart. It is what we stand for as a company and it is our sincere wish and desire to translate this in everything we do.

Mark Mathijssen, Former CEO

More Light for our customers:

You can count on personal service and driven professionals who go to the extreme to deliver aesthetically superior and high quality products. MHB’s ultra-slim products not only let more light flow into the room, but also provide more transparency and a panoramic view. By using core materials and durable production methods our products last more than a lifetime and require little maintenance. MHB lets customers benefit from world-class comfort and service. MHB owns and supervises the entire development and production process for all its unique profiles and products. All profiles are therefore produced in-house, allowing us to offer you a high degree of design freedom. We work with you from the initial idea to the completed project, as we have done for centuries.

The view from inside the Taula house looking through MHB steel windows
A group photo of all MHB employees inside the factory, cheering

More Light for our employees:

MHB ensures a safe, positive and supportive environment for its expert craftsmen. We cherish this environment by taking care of good consultation structures, and by organizing appropriate training courses and interesting workshops. Thanks in part to the internal “More Light Teams”, numerous initiatives have been born such as free yoga classes and fresh fruit for everyone.

More Light for our environment:

Naturally we care for the sustainable future of our planet. MHB’s products are manufactured sustainably and are handmade, with optimized production processes to create as little waste as possible. Steel, the core material of all our products, is 100% recyclable. And we do our best to use only recycled steel as input material. Our new production halls are heated by geothermal heat.


MHB steel doors in the big green egg main office
MHBetuweloop 2019 with children as participants

More Light for the local environment: near and far

Supporting our local environment is another long standing tradition for MHB. We encourage and support many local initiatives, local sportclubs and programs which are run by volunteers. But also further afield, in Romania we support several initiatives, especially in poverty and addiction care. If you would like more information, we will be happy to tell you more about this.

More Light teams:

For each of these topics there is a designated MHB-team in charge of initiating actions and keeping “more light” in the core of what we do.

Looking out over a human statue and the geneva lake