Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667
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MHB & Rocky Mountain Hardware

MHB has partnered with Rocky Mountain Hardware to provide the most exclusive hardware for steel doors. This partnership brings together two companies that know how to produce high-quality products. Our hardware is not mass-produced, but handcrafted and unique. Each mold is hand-sculpted, and each piece is hand-poured and individually cast. The finishing touch is a hand-applied finish that adds warmth and life to our handcrafted hardware.

Finish options

The hand-applied patinas are a point of pride for MHB & Rocky Mountain Hardware. They add an element of organic warmth and enduring beauty to every piece of hardware we create.

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We offer two bronze-alloys, silicon bronze and white bronze, which when combined with a hand applied patina results in 12 hue options. All products are available in any finish.

It’s all in the details

It takes time to create pieces that are timeless. It takes master craftsmanship to create the combination of beauty and functionality that is the standard for every premium piece of MHB & Rocky Mountain Hardware.

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Expansive collection

Rocky Mountain Hardware products possess an innate warmth and richness characteristic of only the finest organic materials. The expansive collection of hand-made hardware and accessories makes it easy to create continuity throughout your entire project.



Please download the brochure for more information on the complete MHB & RMH collection of exclusive hardware here.

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Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

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